Review: Parakkat Nature

Parakkat Nature room
Our very nice room with an extraordinary view.

Our first attempt at escaping civilization met with mixed results, mostly through no fault of the Resort itself. It was billed as providing an isolated experience, but it is part of a small village on a fairly busy road. To their credit, the rooms are situated to minimize the effects of being part of a bustling community. Our room, an upgrade to a suite thrown in by the resort, looked out over a beautiful tea plantation which we toured just before sunset.

The tea plantation tour was both weird and fun. Our guide, an eager if less-than-knowledgeable young man from the hotel, took us on a very brisk walk that started on a shoulder-less, well-traveled road. Just when we thought this was our entire tour, we turned into a Tata tea plantation. He described the difference between white, green and black tea — process, not tea varietal — and the difference between the different types like Assam and Darjeeling — there is none, there is only one type of tea plant grown in different regions,  suspiciously like terroir of wine. Every other question was met with a recommendation that we go to the Tata Tea Museum up the road; they’ll have the answer. We spent most of our time posing somewhat awkwardly for pictures we assume he really wanted us to post on social media. The best part was walking up to a large boulder perched on a hill where we watched the sunset. It was ridiculously beautiful. Our trust issues came up again when we walked the opposite way of the hotel and hopped on a city bus, a step for which we were not anticipating nor prepared. The bus was fine, we just would have much rather walked home.

Dinner was good. The restaurant has two choices: a la carte or buffet. We went with the buffet. We find sometimes that we discover a new favorite something-or-other on a buffet. Everything we had was very good, but there were nine things that excited us on the a la carte menu, and we ultimately wished we’d ordered off the menu. Still, we were full and happy. After dinner, we were a little concerned abut being directly below the restaurant with a table being set up for a large party. As it turned out, that wasn’t a problem. The problem was the kids who were screaming and playing in the hallways late into the night. Yes, we were those hotel guests . . . we called the front desk. Fortunately, it had the desired effect. Clearly, the staff responded promptly, because the noise quieted down almost immediately.

Because of the Kerala-wide strike (described here), we missed out on the chance to enjoy the breakfast buffet while seated on the veranda overlooking the tea plantation. That was a bit of a disappointment. We enjoyed Parakkat Nature and appreciated the good service, but would probably seek a more secluded resort on a return visit.

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