Review: Amaana Plantation Resort

If our goal in coming to Kerala was to escape the crowds and urban-issues-gone-amok of Bengaluru, we finally succeeded the moment we pulled into Amaana Plantation Resort in Thekkady. The general manager welcomed us with necklaces of cardamom pods and a lovely fresh juice. With only five units located in a small glen surrounded by a cardamom plantation, it is the very picture of isolation. Because we had to get through the state-wide strike (described here), we arrived at 10:30, with plenty of time for the important business of the day: reading, naps, games, walking in the plantation, and lunch brought by room service.

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Our room was lovely, with a big four-poster bed and a bathroom nearly as big as the bedroom. Perhaps the best part, though, was the deck with comfortable chairs from which we could gaze across the pond to the greenery all around us. Although there were other guests there, we rarely saw other people, which was kind of perfect for us.

Amaana Resort Room
Our oh, so comfortable room.

All of the food we had at Amaana was amazing. We enjoyed lunch in our room, two fabulous breakfasts, and two dinners. Although we considered finding another restaurant on our second night there, we couldn’t really think of a good reason to do so. One of the effects of such a small resort is that there is a small enough staff that you get to recognize them as you encounter each other in the dining room, on the walking paths, or delivering things to your room. We even got to apply our bit of learning from the Chiramel Residency. When the manager asked how we wanted our eggs and toast for breakfast the first morning, we asked if they had masala dosas. They were delighted that white people wanted Indian breakfast, and were willing to have it ready for us before the dining room is usually open, since we were racing off to our day at Periyar. The second morning they brought another amazing Indian breakfast, including some dishes we had never had before: Uttapam, a flat dosa with onions and other deliciousness on top, and poori (a puffed bread), with the same potato masala from the dosas. It was all amazing, and served in a perfect setting.

We can be certain: when we return to Thekkady, we will return to Amaana Plantation Resort.

Amaana Resorts workers
Women arriving for work on our last morning.
Amaana Resort Tinkly lights
Tinkly Lights! Happy Diwali, festival of lights!
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