Dinner at Flechazo

Flechazo means “love at first sight” in Spanish. While the environment is perfectly pleasant, it wasn’t the sight that got us – it was the delicious food and enthusiastic service. The idea of MediterrAsian food lets them effectively cover all bases, which could have meant mediocrity across the board, but somehow didn’t. The approach was clever and fun and tasty.

There were a few signs of the quality that was to come. First, we had both independently found fabulous reviews of the place. Tom went to Melissa very excited to find a good idea of his own only to find out she already had her eye on the place. Then, there were only two reservation times available: 6:30 and 9:30. We opted for 6;30, which also happens to be opening, since we are usually in bed by 9:30. Finally, by the time they opened, there was quite a crowd gathered, eager to start their experience.

Spiced, grilled pineapple sliced at the table.

Despite two waiters giving us an introduction to our experience, we had no idea what was coming with the starters and were a little overwhelmed as they just kept coming. We had tandoori paneer tikka, smashed potatoes with cheese, breaded cauliflower and mushrooms with a tasty sauce, and a few other tasty treats. They even offered us french fries, which we opted to decline.

wp-image-803713894-e1506088027388.jpgThe sushi-go-round style Asian appetizers had veg items on green plates and meat items on red. The veg sushi had lots of wasabi, and the chaat with crispy crackers and delicious sauces was really tasty. We wanted the garlic spinach served in a little bamboo basket, but kept missing it as it came out.

img_2042The pasta/pizza station was very much the highlight of the kid-friendly nature of Flechazo. Melissa made us a very tasty pizza. The waiter recommended a pav bhaji, a sort of a sandwich on a soft grilled bread with a potato lentil patty. As with everything else our waiter recommended, it was delicious. We ordered pasta from the pasta station – though it sounded delicious, we were kind of relieved that it didn’t show up. There was simply too much good food!

img_2047Although we were getting full, the Indian main courses awaited. We had the familiar — biryani and aloo muttar — and some new to us dishes — such as dal makhani. These were as good as any other we’ve had here. They delivered fresh made butter naan to the table as we returned with our full plates.

Finally, it was time for dessert. They have a huge, colorful, chocolatey display of desserts, but the highlight is the ice cream made to order using liquid nitrogen. Melissa enjoyed the mocha while Tom had the caramello, all while reminiscing of our favorite ice cream back in Portland, What’s the Scoop, made with the same process.

What Flechazo is all about.

As much as we enjoyed it, it’s probably even more fun with a group. We’ll plan an outing and go back with friends!

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