A Weekend in Goa

With only one three-day weekend left in Tom’s schedule before summer vacation, we wanted to make the most of it. We’ve been hearing about Goa since before our move to India,  so it’s been on our list for a long time. Part of what we’ve heard, though, is that is has a reputation as a hippie party town. Hanging out with scantily clad 20-somethings who are trying to pick each other up at yoga class before heading for drinks at the pool isn’t really our thing. So we were delighted when a couple different people recommended visiting Agonda Beach in the South of Goa, with a reputation as a sleepy, pristine place to relax. It totally lived up to its billing.

We took a 75 minute flight on Friday night, and returned home on Monday afternoon. While there, we stayed in a beach hut that opened directly to the beach with a private, shady area to recline and read. Most of our meals were enjoyed at the Sea Star Resort restaurant situated right behind our hut, and most of our time was spent reading, walking on the beach, and gazing at the water.  The only other notable moment of the weekend was discovering our friends were staying just up the beach from us, so we were able to have dinner with them one night. Not much to say about a weekend without much activity, so we’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Perfect view through mosquito netting
Beach view from our private chaise lounges
Sunset comes to Agonda
The beautiful sunsets deserve two pictures.
Our hut is just to the right of the sign.
Beautiful beach view from our deck
Beach cows (and babies!) wander near our deck
Friendly gecko visited us for breakfast.
It’s not a great picture of anybody, but dinner with the Bergstrands and Kirti.
Lovely old Portuguese church
Boy greets beach cows
Big, quiet beach

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  1. The pictures are so beautiful. Looks like a relaxing, lovely few days. I love reading your posts. Thank you for your honest posts about the wonderful times, as well as the struggles. I frequently send positive energy when I feel you need it. I hope it reaches you. We are so looking forward to seeing you this summer!

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