Review: Kondai Lip

Kondai Lip canoe to entrance
The canoe that took us to and from the entrance to Kondai Lip.

Kondai Lip didn’t meet our expectations . . . because we didn’t know to dream about a place like this. From the moment the canoe delivered us to the entrance, we knew this place was different. We were in for total isolation. The resort was built in skinny strips of land around pools that provide the fishing grounds for the people living there. Because of the lack of land, there wasn’t enough room for roads large enough for the ubiquitous traffic (hence the canoe). We were just a little late for a boat ride to the ocean beach (which we think was just a few minutes away), so we took a short walk around the area. It was beautiful and different than anything else we’ve ever seen. Melissa was particularly taken by the house with the fence that extended into the water to contain a large flock of ducks, explaining in part the piles of duck eggs for sale on the way in.

We then commenced our relaxing. We sat on our deck overlooking the ponds, read, played cards. It was all we could do. It was rough. The only downside was the bug infestation. At some point, we realized we were being surrounded by bazillions of tiny bugs, especially all over our white pillows and comforter. We kept sweeping them aside, but between the squished bugs and the fact that they just kept coming, it was out of hand. We called the front desk, and just minutes later a couple of guys showed up to take care of it. It was dinner time, so we left them to it. When we got back, we were pleased to see that the guys had cleaned it all up, including the bedding. We were back to being totally satisfied.

Speaking of satisfied: dinner. The “dining room” was in fact a lanai surrounded by the beautiful grounds and palm trees. The food was delicious. The lesson we have learned many many times related to the whole “white people need to ask for Indian breakfast” issue is that we need to tell people we’re ok with spice. We forgot yet again, so the food was a little bland, but we don’t really blame them; they were simply responding to their

Kondai Lip breakfast
Delicious breakfast.

experience with most tourists. Otherwise the food was delicious. Breakfast, too. They serve a buffet of both Western and Indian dishes. In particular, we loved the vada, delicious little chickpea donuts served with the deliciously ubiquitous coconut chutney. Kondai Lip takes vada to a new place.  The lightest, fluffiest vada we have ever had.

Kondai Lip was a unique, delicious, and relaxing stop.

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