Bangalore Brew Works

We were walking through Bengaluru, having a wonderful walk, headed toward the highly recommended Mavalli Tiffin Room for lunch, when we realized, “It’s Ganesha Chaturthi! I wonder if they’re open!” Sure enough, closed. Rats. A quick search for alternatives, though, showed that we were near not one but two microbreweries. We settled on lunch at Bangalore Brew Works (and ended up at the other, Arbor Brewing, the next day).

We’re not sure we ordered our food very well. We ended up with three fried foods: corn and cheese balls, Indian loaded pots (essentially India’s answer to poutine), and potato and cheese bites. We also got the “Cottage Cheese Delight Slider”, which came with more fries. Oof. Veggie burgers around here are in general quite good — potato and lentil based with varying amounts of masala flavoring and other goodies — and this one was exactly that, quite good. That other stuff all would have been perfectly fine, if we had only one of them. As it turned out, it was a whole lot of fried food. For what it was, it was good enough.


The beer was ok. This is only the second local IPA we had had, but we were starting to worry that IPAs here aren’t the same. Like the one at Druid Garden, it was a little maltier and the yeast was a little, let’s say, Belgianier.

They highlight of the place was the view. It’s on the 10th floor of a building that looks out over what feels like the entire city. There are several spaces, from quiet to raucous, each with its own version of the view. Down one hall, they even had their own poolside bar.

We got there before it was officially open, and by the time we left, there might have been one other group there, so we had the place to ourselves. To this point, we had pretty much either experienced service that was either overwhelming and pushy (in restaurants and stores) or hard to flag down. The young man helping us here got it right. He kept a comfortable distance, but was on top of it when we flagged him down.

Everything at Bangalore Brew Works was good enough. If we end up here again for whatever reason, we’ll be happy. We probably won’t go out of our way to come again.

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