Melissa’s Musings: Sad Days

As I read the news from the other side of the world, I am filled with anger and sorrow and frustration. America’s potential has always been a bright shining possibility – far from reality, but still a light that we were moving toward. Now small-minded, bigoted, xenophobic, misogynists are attempting to destroy that potential while their hateful hero sits in the our White House.

Back in January, when Tom and I began telling people of our plan to move overseas (destination then unknown), many people asked us if it was because of the election of our new president. It wasn’t. In fact, the wheels started turning on this plan when we were still excited by our expectation of President Hillary Clinton. When I wore my pantsuit on election day, I was confident that we’d move away for a few years, with the country in good hands that we could be proud of. In the midst of my grief in the aftermath, it felt selfish to leave when there would be important battles ahead.

Yet we still moved forward with our plans and here I sit in India, happy to be here, but distraught that we can’t be there. There is little enough that we can do from here, but Tom has already written to our representatives in Congress, urging them to build coalitions toward impeachment. For myself, I will be writing today to Jeff Bezos and I will be cancelling our Amazon prime membership. We’ll keep coming up with small daily actions that we can take from a distance and we will cheer for those of you who can take a stand against hate at home. If you have suggestions of things we can do, let us know and we’ll get on it.

With love,